wo-time Polish champion Polonia Bytom goes into liquidation


Sad news coming from the Polish region of Upper Silesia. Two-time champion of the country, Polonia Bytom, obviously last weekend told her adieu and due to financial troubles extinguished. Already in early November, one of the creditors asked for a declaration of bankruptcy and liquidation would, fresh news should come soon …

Polonia Bytom, which is regarded as the direct successor Pogon Lwów, one of the founding clubs Ekstraklasa, to suffer financial problems since its live betting portal relegation from the Premier League in 2011. Later Polonia fell even into the fourth highest of the competition.

The largest portion of the debt outstanding Polonia consists of Gaza’s former Balkan mainstays of the team Vladimir Karalić and its namesake Milenkovic. Their result was a club in this year’s third league deducted four points and a further deduction immediately threatened him now.

Fate Bytom represents a warning to clubs like Ruch Chorzow and Górnik Zabrze, where debts reportedly gaining even greater value. And afraid to be mainly the latter unit, which has already lost this year and major league status.

Polonia Bytom celebrated his two titles in 1954 and 1962, three years later, then swung and even triumph in the summer Intertoto Cup. The greatest legend of the club, the former national team goalkeeper Edward Szymkowiak, after which it is named in Bytomski stadium.

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