Will we escape from the Euro? UEFA solves the swastika on the lawn and Croatia is scared

The match with Italy was played at the Poljud stadium in front of empty stands due to the rioting of Croatian fans during the March qualifying with Norway. Already in a match with Nora Croatia had a closed part of the tribunes – it was again a punishment for the riot in the first duel with Italy in San Siru.

The 11-foot hook cross was made up of unknown chemicals and the scandal was in the world. The UEFA Disciplinary Commission originally announced that the verdict would take place on July 16th, but then a new date came – Thursday 23rd July.

Remove points?Or the worst option – eliminating the Euro 2016 tournament? “I can not say if Croatia will be eliminated from the European championship,” said Ivan Čurkovič, Serbian Partizan Belgrade goalkeeper Sergei Jutarnji, who then worked for France as a coach and is considered a close friend to Michel Platini, UEFA chief. “But when you think about it, you are attacking gloomy thoughts.”

A comparison with the situation in late 2013, when Josip Šimunic, at the celebration of the World Championship celebration in Brazil, called the microphone in front of the ” “

The problem of world dimensions

World War II, when Ustashi Croatia gained a separate state under the fascist battalion, caused stormy and condemning reactions. Šimunič received from FIFA a penalty for ten matches and a fine of 30,000 euros, and the next home match had to be played in front of an Energybet free online betting empty stadium.

“The” Spremni doma “scream is considered rather a Croatian local problem, Čurkovič. “But in the case of the hook cross, it is no longer true, it is a problem of world dimensions.So, if the punishment for the Ustashi salute was considered to be strict, then I am afraid that the penalty for the swastika will be even stricter, “he added. But it is generally believed that UEFA will not allow Croatia, which now leads the qualifying Group H without a single loss to Italy and Norway, to be excluded from the European Championship.

“It’s not entirely impossible,” said one of the members of UEFA’s Discipline who did not want to be named.

“And if UEFA does not rule out Croatia, it will be mainly because of the fact that a team with Modrić, Rakitić or Mandžukić stars is very interesting and attractive. And a variety of contracts have already been signed, including with television stations.If the Croatian union goes out with a fine of 200,000 euros, it can be happy. “

Premier wrote Platinum

This fact was not helped by the letter, which Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic wrote to Michel Platini. He pointed out that there was a large number of guerrillas in Croatia during the Second World War, and the Croatian public condemned the swastika scandal. “Definitely this nasty act can not be understood as the support of Nazi ideology,” he said, among other things, Energybet sporting bet in a letter.

“So it was the next step. UEFA is constantly trying to prove its commissions are independent and how Platini is not the dictator who decides.How would Croatian courts feel if an Austrian attorney wrote to Milanovic to urge his client? “The unnamed official added.

According to him, the UEFA disciplinary judge on the Croatian Union has already decided, but it is not at all certain that the verdict will announce on Thursday. “It may be much later.”

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