Why did not Tampa reach the Cup? Supports were injured, missing a shooter

One of those devastated can be in the dressing room of the defeated Canadian striker Steven Stamkos. The second best shooter Energybet online football betting of the base section has won seven times in the playoffs. But in the final nothing, luck did not suit him even in the sixth match when he shot the bar.

“I feel that I sank the boys,” he said in a low voice, his eyes tearing. Captain Energybet sports betting Tampa turned from a cannonist into a silent gunner. As if Stamkos symbolized the whole team’s process. The most inflammatory whole of the overseas competition did not match against the Blackhawks.

In the last three matches, Tampa has scored a maximum of one goal. For the first time in the season, she lost three times in a row. Bad timing.

“My head is how much we had to sacrifice to get here.You never know if you still have such an opportunity and you let it slip between your fingers. I only think one thing that we did not.

That we played for nothing, “continued Stamkos leader in his mourning speech.

Another reason why Tampa in Chicago was not enough was the injury of key players. Goalkeeper Ben Bishop until now could tell what struck him from the second final. “I had a torn groin,” he told reporters. “Fortunately, I will not need an operation, I just have to rest.”

“Now we are thinking about the fact that we could celebrate the ice.It was a fairly balanced series, “said the goalie, whom the fans appreciate for being able to return with such injuries. The 28-year-old American missed only the No. 4 game.

On Saturday’s fifth mace, Nikita Kucerov, the most productive player of the team, resigned after falling over the bar. His dreaded attack called “Trojans” with Ondrej Palat also weakened Nick Nick Johnson’s injury, which struck with broken wrists. “I’m sorry, because you want to play at a hundred percent in such matches, but you can not.” Coach Cooper and Captain Stamkos, however, agreed that they would not be excusing the fate of fate.

Swedish defender Anton Stralman tried to find a drop of hope in the mourning of sadness. “I’m proud of this team.Now it hurts, but we have to take good things out of this season next year. We have a talented team with the potential to return to the final and to fight for the Cup again. It’s a long way, the finale will not happen every year. But I definitely think we can achieve our goal, “he said. He also had a word for Tampa’s recognition. A Florida-based sun-dying couple could also be among the favorites in the year 2015/16. But beware of another prey of Florida. Czech striker Jaromir Jagr has made his Panthers a success in two years and he has joked on his Facebook: “Let us not break him (Florida Panthers) for the next year, for the celebrations.”

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