The online bookmakers pay taxes to the state budget

Taxes. The online bookmakers pay taxes to the state budget of the country where they are located. Selecting Bookmaker some countries, tax is also removed from each winning player bet. Do not play at the bookmaker where each of your bet will be taxed!
Coefficients. Find out what factors offers the bookie? Make sure they are at least not lower than the average over the Internet. Make sure also that the coefficients already made a bet does not change according to changes in the line bookmaker (are static). Bids have to play by factors that were at the time of the adoption of this rate.

The maximum gain and the maximum bet. Make sure that the bookmaker does not offer too low a ceiling for the maximum winnings, or the maximum rate, because if you are playing for high stakes, it can create additional problems to you.

The minimum deposit. Make sure that the minimum deposit at your chosen bookmaker does not apply to the heavens, then there is the actual amount.

The proposed event. Your selected bookmaker must offer bets on the largest possible number of championships and sports. Some bookmakers offer only top league betting, ignoring for example the second division or even championships like Sweden or Norway. Line bookmaker should have the widest possible signature (optional event). Smart bookie realizes that more events than it offers for bets, the more he will win. In turn, some bookmakers can not offer betting on the notorious favorites, or not allow to put the favorites in one rapid. If the selected bookmaker involved in this – it is better to change it.

Bonus program. Do bookmakers offer different bonuses (the first and second deposit, significant events, etc.), as well as other promotions?
Not bad, if it has an affiliate program that can be used as an additional source of income.

Since you just physically can not learn all the bookmakers use the site of the international ranking of bookmakers, which provides ratings of over 960 betting shops. Understand the rating is very easy: each of the bookmakers is estimated at five-point scale – from A (highest) to F (lowest rating).

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