The one-man championship catapulted Kliment from Jihlava to Stuttgart

Stuttgart reported this on his site, CTK confirmed by player manager David Nehoda.

In May I could not imagine such a thing, I think nobody. It’s great luck. My life changed very fast, “said Kliment. “When he gets such an offer, it’s hard to reject it. Let’s see how I get through. But if I did not try it, I would be scrabble, “he added.

Twenty-one year old offensive player has played 30 games in the Czech league, mostly as a substitute. However, he came to the conclusion of the spring when he scored two goals, and due to the absence Energybet online football betting of Matěj Vydra, he also earned a nomination to the national team for the 21st Championship.He made his way to all three games and he played against Serbia with a hat-trick 4: 0.

Several clubs became interested in him, but the fastest was Stuttgart, where he met another Czech player Adam Hlousek . “At the end of the day, we decided between three foreign clubs. But Stuttgart was the fastest, and a coach arrived on Saturday to present his vision. That was the decision. In addition, they have met the financial conditions of Jihlava, “said Nehoda.

” I did not even know what other offers are.

There was something from Holland, about Alkmaar, and some Italy, but we agreed that this would be probably the best option. Stuttgart acted quickly and it was decided, “said Kliment.

” This is an ideal engagement for Honza. Bundesliga with everything.An excellent training center gives him the opportunity to develop, “said Accident. “Honza impressed them at the championship. At the last match, they came to see him and said they had the potential. It was lucky, but he wants it ready, “he added.

“I’ve been successful for the last three months, Energybet online betting deals I went upstairs. Youth tournaments are played to show off and I’ve done it. I was lucky, but I was also ready for it, “said Kliment.

In Stuttgart he should be given room to further develop his talent. “The coach knows I’m a young player. They did not buy me right into the basic set, but they give me room to show up, improving.I hope it will be cool and good, “he added.

This must improve German. “I can not really do it. I’m more in English here. I’ll have to learn now, “he admitted. He believes that Hlousek, who is already standing in Germany, will help him in case of emergency. “Adam will certainly help me a lot, especially when I’m in the limbs. We have seen and said a few words, “added Kliment.

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