Karlovarské volejbalisté vstoupí do pohárového světa proti staré Perugii

Historically the first step in volleyball Europe will be made by VK ČEZ Karlovy Vary in Perugia against the team of last semifinalists of the Italian league. VK CEZ Karlovy Vary volleyball players ended in their extra-league premiere in the semifinals and ended the season with bronze medals in a series against Zlín. A reward for them will now be a duel with Italian Perugia.

The Carlsbad Region enters the Cup of Europe and is the premiere as a belt. “Perugia is one of the most attractive rivals in the whole competition. What’s the name of the term, we will bring to Karlovy Vary a real volleyball elite. On the other hand, we will definitely not be favorites, “said Jakub Novotny, Club President. Karlovy Vary will take part in the prestigious CEV Cup.

Karlovarska volleyball players have become a sensation for the past home season.In the position of the newly established club they moved up to the semifinals of the Czech Cup and finished third in the extralys. Bronze success has also ended the league season for Perugia volleyball players, who succumbed to the later Trent champions in the decisive semifinals and to a five-thousandth battle. In the Champions League, the Perugia team just finished just before the Final Four gates. In 2010, another European Challenge Cup dominated.

Perugia Volleyball is linked to the significant legacy of the Czech national team. For the title in the European Cup, the team led Jan Štokr, playing for five years in Perugia Martin Lébl.For one season, the current CEO of Karlovy Vary CEO Jakub Novotný joined him. “It’s been over ten years, but I still remember it very well,” he recalled. “I have had the opportunity to play with players such as Goran Vujevic, Paolo Tofoli, Seba Swiderski and others who have given me a lot.”

The present Perugia cadre is made up of European championship titles and medalists from the European Championships, From the world championship, and even from the Olympic Games. Serbian Universal Atanasiyevich, European Champion, Argentine coach Daniel Castellani, who led Poland to the 2009 European Championship title or the phenomenal recorder Di Cecco.The icon of the club is then the Olympic winner Goran Vujevič, who played in the club for ten years, ended his active activity this year and moved to the position of manager of the team.

The volleyball Karlovy Vary still leaves the home of the home match. Consider the newly opened ballroom, but also the neighboring KV Arena. “So far, we can not favor any of the options, we decide on time according to the financial possibilities, the wishes of the coaches and the interest of the audience,” Jan Meruna, manager of the club said.

The KV Arena has a spectator capacity of almost six thousand.VK ČEZ Karlovy Vary will take part in the CEV Cup at the beginning of November on the Perugia pitch, two weeks later it is on the domestic revenge program.

Seven brave Czechs will send seven brave Czechs this year

In the next edition of European volleyball cups, seven Czech teams will start. In the Challenging Cup as third in the European cups this year, Czech volleyball has no representation, but five Czech clubs will be present at the CEV Cup.The winners of the men’s and women’s extralig are waiting for the Champions League to start. Losing in Luxembourg decided that in the men’s part of the CEV Cup, apart from Karlovac against Italian Perugia, the volleyball vicemists from Jihostroj České Budějovice will be in the first round, who at the beginning of November Will start against the Dutch Dynamo Apeldoorn. In the past season, the fourth team of the Czech top Zlín competition will play with the Romanian SCMU Craiova team.

In the Women’s CEV Cup, as well as last year’s two Czech clubs. KP Brno players will hit Crvena Zvezda Belgrade, Olomouc will play against the German team Schweriner for the second round. The game is going to be at the end of October.

The two Czech champions are still not clear about their rivals.The basic groups of the Champions League with the participation of the men of Liberec and the Prostejn women will be drawn up only in July.

The clubs representing the Czech Republic in the Cup Europe should also be expected to receive more significant financial support from the Czech Volleyball Union.At a recent committee meeting adopted a declaration that it will increase support teams involved in European competitions for one million crowns per year, with the Dukla Liberec renounces his share of 175,000.

Keeping VK CEZ Karlovarsko due to participation In the glasses he was already trying to find reserves in his own budget and addressed his sponsors as well. “We want to fund the action from both our own money and deal with partners and share the costs,” explained Novotny club boss.

The participation in volleyball cups alone does not bring the club a profit, but clubs have to subsidize it, and so every crown is in the budget.