Juventus defeated Real Madrid 2-1 in the semi-finals

Real Madrid has just put pressure on Juventus’s penalty area. But Marcelo’s shot from a distance was blocked and the home team created a lightning counterattack. Tevez dashed into Real’s lime, but Carvajal knocked it down. What the hell? Penalta!

The Tévez turned himself into the middle of the goal, this season the Argentine striker hit the seventh in this year’s Champions League.

The scoreboard was 58 minutes and Juventus led Realem Madrid 2: 1.

And this shot was eventually winning in the opening semifinals of the Champions League. Real was unable to cope with Ronaldo in the 64th minute, but he did not hit the ball in the 64th minute.

“I’m proud of our team. We sent the rest of Europe a clear message that we want to finish.But it’s just the first step and we must be totally focused on the retaliation, “Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo said in a TV interview.

If the Spanish Grand Prix wants to become the first team in history to defend the triumph in the competition, then Hesitation will have to be rectified in Madrid’s retaliatory event, which will take place on May 13th.

With Juventus, however, Real will not be easy at all. Before the game, it was mainly about the fact that the Turin team had a great defensive performance but also had a good offensive in the opening semifinals duel.

The home team, who entered the Champions League semifinals for the first time since 2003, The first minute of the game is a huge hunt and a desire to score a quick goal.

This plan has also been implemented by Juventus. Already at 8.For a minute, Teveze shot Casillas only to Morato, and he knocked the ball into the net.

However, the Spanish striker did not celebrate his goal, as he is the kidnapper of the Madrid club. After his intervention, Casillas won the Champions League for 412 minutes without a goal. Real Real’s footballers could not get enough to defend Juventus for a long time, their assault rifle led by Ronald and Bale was slow. Suddenly the guests struck in the 27th minute when the center of James was just heading for the lone Ronaldo. The Portuguese cannoner gave the ninth goal this season to the Champions League and with 76 points he was the leader of the best shooters in the history of the competition.Barcelona’s second Lionel Messi has a 75-goal semi-final against Bayern Munich. Real was close to turning the match, but only James’s shot in the 41st minute. In the second half, they decided to win their home win.

“Juventus played what we are used to. He was good at defense and punished our mistakes. Energybet online sports betting But nothing is lost. We will return the money back with interest, and I believe we will advance to the final, “said the alternate striker of the Hernández team in Madrid.

Juventus has created a better position to retaliate next week. Can the Italian team build on 2002/03, when Real Madrid was eliminated in the semifinals?But it will have Energybet bet sport to do without Tévez, who will not be able to take the retaliation for a card punishment.

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