Fin with no nerves. Young Teräväinen decided the first final

In just 20 years, he did what every boy oversees. Just waiting for you journalists…”I told you a few times before and I repeat it again. On the ice I feel much more confident than the microphones, “said shy Fin, who is well aware of the exceptional nature of his action.

See his recent words: “It’s totally unbelievable. The young guy comes to America, gets to Chicago, plays his first play-off and finals in it. So terrific players, such a terrific team. “

And Teräväinen, it seems, can be the new trump of the Blackhawks in the way to the ice hockey grail. In order to be among the rightful NHL champions in the NHL season, he misses just three wins, with the final series going on Sunday night. Teräväinen, born 11.September 1994, he was the youngest of the hockey players who jumped into the opening duel of the series to determine the Stanley Cup winner. But his performances do not affect him. “It does not seem to be getting a bit higher in the final. He is absolutely calm. Cold Fin, “says Slovak superstar Marian Hossa. The far more experienced forvard has only words of praise for the Scandinavian disciple. “I watch him on training every day and he’s one of the most talented hockey players I’ve ever seen. We’re paid, “said Hossa.

Where did this quiet kid get? In the Czech Republic, hockey enthusiasts could see her at the European Youth Olympics; In Liberec in 2011 was also unforgettable due to yellow gloves. But this young man shone in a different way than the eccentric gear.The junior juniors dressed with gold from last year’s MS “Twenty” where he won the scoring as a captain. He was in Jokerit Jersey as the first center. “The Finnish league has prepared me well,” Teräväinen said. Jokerit did not play KHL at the time.

In the most traditional Finnish club, he met Valtter Filppul in the NHL in 2012 – he takes his central ice hockey pattern. But now he is his opponent in Tampa.

“Enjoy every minute on ice” H3>

Teräväinen admires him for his creativity and friendliness, even though these two are ten years apart.From Filppuly he can learn that his compatriot has also fought to the Stanley Cup: he Energybet free bets online played the finals in Detroit twice in his first three NHL seasons.

“That’s why I advise Teuvo Make it to the maximum, “Filppul says. “It’s hard to explain, but when you get a title in the NHL, you’re convinced that it’s going to be all the time, every year. But then you will find that this chance may never be repeated in your career again. “

First, Teräväinen got used to the oversea ice rink at the lower AHL, giving the Blackhawks a chance for 34 duels. Now he jumps in the third line with Vermett and Sharp. “He’s really good for twenty years,” says Patrick Sharp, the Sochi Olympic champion and Stanley Cup’s double winner.Get a room in one of the best teams in the current era NHL already Teräväinenově this age, it is always a sign of a certain uniqueness.

Energybet online betting free bets “I do not like predictions, but his performances some things suggest,” he said in mid-April, coach Joel Quenneville And young Finn said, “There is little time and space on ice.

Everyone has a chance to wrestle. “

Style, which fought just Teuvo Teräväinen is impressive. Perhaps he will have to go unpopular journeys for journalists soon.

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