Extraligový return to the ice after the take

Extraligový return to the ice after the take representative raised in tournament leader Třince and the fifth “Spartan” better leader of the table. Třinečtí won Spartu 2:1, and more the third mutual contest this season they rozweselali victories the only goal.

Třinečtí went from our meeting times primary with beginning claims Polanský, all resistance versus Kýhosovi, what was individual of the main Cossacks to duel třineckou icon Jiri Polanským, only had. The club’s Board dispute urovnalo sending Polanského hosting the edge stage in druholigového Swiss Oltenu time, in administrative buildings below know how to combine only with hockey. And against Spartě with třineckým clean the head high left.

” knew that the shop that the General of the week happened. Viewers we the us, and long here there was this atmosphere,” liboval can třinecký goalie Simon Hrubec. “Match “the Competition “Duel “Tournament in Spartou is too all time strong weight and very I like against him put. Wybijali it for the third time in a season however , again then were fibers concrete. We column štěstíčka a little more,” smiling Hrubec.

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