Expert on Sharapova: Two years are few, it’s built on the head

Meldonium took the lead to improve its performance. That is why Maria Sharapova deserved the strictest four-year sentence, not just two years. Jan Chlumský, Head of Doping Control and Monitoring of the Czech Anti-Doping Committee, has a strong opinion on the case of prominent tennis stars.

Why is your opinion so hard?
” Based on media information, and what you wrote in Sport was about to get four years and done. This is an incomprehensibly low penalty for me, and I can not imagine any mitigating circumstance because of all that information.She said that meldonium has been consuming for ten years to take two tablets before the games and the three to four important ones…”

That’s probably the most striking fact in the whole case, right?
“It is clear from the sun that meldonium deliberately took better performance and not prevented health. I could also eat sixty powders a day to avoid cholera, angina, encephalitis, and everything else.

He is stupefying. In the case of these hard materials, the athlete must sufficiently demonstrate that their use was unintentional or have any other attenuating circumstance.Then it is possible to go half of those four years. But there is no attenuating circumstance.

This is not a mitigating circumstance. If everybody liked it and got it instead of four years two years, it would not have to be such a hard scale at all. “

A two-year punishment will come to you little?
” . But at this point I would have left it to WADA to consider it.

Does WADA have the right to enter the case?
“Yes, WADA has the right to appeal at all times.She also gave her the condition of studying the materials and then recalling CAS to Lausanne. Sharapova is more likely to get four years to punish her. “

” I do not suppose that the arbitration could mitigate the punishment, When everything can happen in the legal world. But I’d give that one a chance. “