Before you start betting, you need to decide what you want them to do

Before you start betting, you need to decide what you want them to do. If you are just a fan of thrills and want to get an extra dose of adrenaline from the risk of his own money, or you’re so interesting to watch the game of your favorite team, you can stop reading.
But if you come to the betting here to stay, if you want to learn how to receive regular income from sports betting, then you need to treat them not as entertainment, but as a work, business, the method of original investment.

Tips for beginners to sports betting 1. The first thing that need to start is to determine your bankroll – the sum allocated for your sports betting (which you can afford to lose). Yes, it is to lose. Bids – it does not receive wages, which can guarantee the payment of a specific amount – there are possible losses. And the higher your training and skill, the better will be developed analytical skills and intuition, so these losses will be smaller.
2. Next you need to determine the percentage of the pot, which you will use for each bet (or average and maximum rates), the approximate number of bets in the game day and the strategy, which will be strictly adhered to. At the initial stage it is not recommended to use aggressive strategies (different Dogon, progression, etc.) that can lead an inexperienced player to “drain” of the bank.
3. If you decide to bet in terrestrial reception points, then do not be lazy to bypass several PPP and compare conditions (rules offices, line width coefficients). Do not place in the office because it is the closest to home – the worst conditions can be in it.
If you turned their attention to online bookmakers, the only place in the audited bookmakers that are closed overnight with your money (for more details, see the article “Choosing a bookmaker”).
4. Do not put all in a row. You should be well versed in selected sports. At first, you can focus on one sport or league.
5. Before bidding, gather as much information about the opposition (recaps, their form, injury, suspension, replacement, motivation, etc.).
6. Do not put on low rates. According to the statistics – 90% of the bets made on the clear favorites to win the coefficient of which is very low. But it does not happen in any sport, “banker” or “concrete”. Favourites are losing too, and regularly and to compensate the loss, then you need to win these bets 5-10 row. For the same reason you can not over-inflate the size of the bet, as if you were not sure of the outcome of the match. Remember: overbetting – an evil that will inevitably lead to financial ruin.
7. In the analysis of the match can not feel sympathy for a player (team) because it inadvertently brings a biased forecast adjustments. It is better to miss a call and just maybe more for your favorite team.
8. Do not be carried away by express, especially from the large number of events, supplanting meaningful and thoughtful selection of the usual lottery. With enough experience, you can learn to choose events for the expression of the 2-3 events with good coefficients or as a way to increase the rate limit to add events with low coefficients for the main event having a high probability of the outcome.
9. In the event of bad luck (luzingstrayka), it is necessary to take a break for a few days rates (or even weeks), distracted. Otherwise, the desire to quickly get even lead to an increase in the size of bets, hit by a logical train of thought, making it difficult to properly reflect on and analyze the rate that will lead to the next loser …
Successful betting strategy 10. If you have any doubts about the outcome of an event – better not bet on it, bet on random little use.
11. Never make a bet on the team, which you really do not know anything, relying only on the coefficients in the line. The coefficients can not have anything to do with the probability of the outcome of the event, they only reflect the opinion of the bulk of the players, backed by their money.
12. After selecting desired outcome based on the analysis of the match, never change their opinions. Do not listen to anyone’s “authoritative” advice. Stick to your chosen game and financial strategy, and sooner or later success will come to you!
Finally, to get a certain, pre-planned profit margins, immediately to withdraw money from the office. You should feel the real benefits of your bets.