Astana went through, Laco collected twice, had 41 interventions

MOSCOW. Swedish striker Andreas Thuresson has helped the team beat Siberia Novosibirsk in KHL’s 4-0 victory over Barys Astana.

Twenty-one-year-old winger, first in the 17th minute, overcame the goal of the Slovakian goal-keeper Jan Lack in the goal of the Kazakh club, when he equalized to 1: 1 and a half-hour later in the big advantage sent his team to the lead.

In the 59th minute, Thuresson adjusted it to the abandoned Barysa shrine to 3: 1 for the home team. The fourth straight hit of Siberia also added to the empty goal of Dmitry Kugrysev. Laco had 41 successful interventions in the match.

Ufa players won the first Monday meeting on the ice of Amur Chabarovsk 3: 2.Two goals scored by Antti Pihlström.

Marcel Haščák and Michael Miklik threatened the goal of Salavat Julajev twice, Rastislav Špirko skating in the first attack of Amur.

Ufa won the fourth match in the season and is currently the third in the Eastern Conference. Khabarovsk lost four times in the year.

The goal of Slovak striker Marcel Hossu was enough to make the ice-hockey player Dinamo Riga to win the point in the ice-hockey match against Lady Togliatti. The Latvian team succumbed 2: 3 after prolongation.

Opening the score in the 8th minute game, but the home team turned the development in the first third. He extended the Lady’s triumph in the hefty advantage of Semion Valujsky, who was defeated by Slovak defender Peter Podhradský.Results of Monday’s Meetings:

Goals: 57. Stoa, 61. Kosourov – 33. Parsin

Goals: 17., 47. and 59. Thuresson, 60. Kugryšev –

Goals: 34. Niinimäki, 52. Pereťagin – 11. and 40. Pihlström, 25. Višnevskij

Goals: 22. Martin Ruzicka, 36. Osnovin – 5. P. Thoresen , 8th June, 20. D. Kalinin, 20. Martensson, 32. Kovaljuk, 33. Kucherjavenko

Goals: 37. Buzanski – 40. Hagman, 63. Lajunen

: 15. Valujsky, 14. Zjuzjakin, 61. Valujsky (PODHRADSKÝ) – 9. MARCEL HOSSA, 57. Pujacs

Goals: 10. Platt, 28. Kartajev – 7. Mirnov, 18. Azevedo, decisive on my own. Möller

Goals: 58. Horak – 8. Timkin, 34. Moziakin, 46. Batyršin, 51. Kamenev

Goals: 1. Krutov, 3. Koledov, 34.Krikunov, 37. Shishanov, 47. Warn, 59. Anisin – 8. Lazarev, 20. Antonov, 47. Jefimov