Another famous “R” is considering a return. I train and try, Rivaldo promised

It’s been over a year that Rivaldo said, “I thank tears in my eyes to God and my family for supporting me during my career. Now it’s over, I’m not playing anymore. “

At that time, he was just about as good as he was, forty-two. He was hurt by injuries and workload: in the club Mogi Mirim, where he started with big football, he also served as president. The player’s career has gone to the second college, since he joined the club in December 2013, he has only entered four games.

Little would have thought he would think twice. And it happened. After fifteen months.

On Tuesday, he sat down to the computer and tapped a message to his fans: “I’ve been thinking for a long time, and finally decided to join the team again.It does not mean I’m going to play, because I did not kick the ball for a year. But if my knee is okay, I would help in several matches. “Mogi Mirim has not managed the start of the season in Brazilian Serie B, he has only three points in the opening eight games. Rivaldo wants to help, so we have another reported attempt to return, which is not so rare among the Brazilians. For example, the famous assassin, Romario, has stretched his career for over forty years ago, and recently he has brought fans even more starry Ronaldo.

He planned to take on the American club Fort Lauderdale Strikers, which he co-owns. He also promised to train and jump into several matches, then after a few days he dismissed the idea to come back to her eventually.Rivaldo, who, like Ronaldo, is the world champion and the Golden Balls champion, would have a better chance of a successful return despite the older age.

Ronald makes it harder to overweight, which he has been trying to get rid of for a long time. Rivaldo, on the other hand, is still slim, as in times of greatest glory.

The fans of Mogi Mirim can hope to click on this.