Another disadvantage of online games may be at loss of connection

Another disadvantage of online games may be at loss of connection to the Internet (particularly in Live betting), but that, as stated above, suffers equipment and ground-based PPP.
One should not underestimate the negative impact of psychological factors at play in the online bookmakers. The fact that betting over the Internet, sooner or later, most players begin to take the money in the account like some virtual credits rather than as a real money that they worked so hard to earn.

With the game in the usual betting box office this effect is absent, since each bet you give the cashier “live” money, which has just got out of his pocket. The same thing happens on any winnings when you withdraw money from the cash register, feel the profits in the hands, put her purse, feeling the “real” prize, which can be immediately spent.
Having considered the main advantages of online and offline betting shops, one can come to the conclusion that betting on the Internet is much easier and faster.
If you like betting, and still think, how to continue to engage in their favorite thing, such as the elimination of the nearest PPP or catastrophic shortage of time, try to put online and you are sure to enjoy! Successful bids to you!

P.S. The laws, which came into force in Russia at the beginning of 2014, cross out all the advantages of offline bookmakers and bet them impractical.

Play with bookmakers on the internet is much easier to play in the real world (no need to go to the point of accepting bets, waiting queue soy, fast calculation of rates makes it possible to re-invest the money won, you can bet in several bookmakers).
Some problems can only occur when input-output money. In many other bets on the internet are more beneficial and easy for the player.

But before you open an account at any online bookmaker (and even more so before to make a deposit), you need to gather some information about it, that is, to get acquainted with his opponent-bookie. Look carefully to the following items at a bookmaker, where you want to open an online account:

Selecting bukmekeraNadezhnost. Is there enough known that the bookie? if he timely payment of winnings? Does his license? Check what they say about the bookie other players in various forums, websites, blogs. If there is the slightest doubt about the reliability and solvency of a bookmaker, it is better to find another benefit of bookmakers on the internet enough.

Methods of payment. What types of payments support from the gaming account your bookie? Basically, all the online bookmakers are willing to take the money from the credit card, but credit card payments supports a much smaller number of bookmakers. Does your bookmaker should be at least several alternative payment options: check, credit (debit) card, Western Union, electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex, Moneybookers), NETELLER, bank transfer. Very well, if you have the opportunity to make money and to collect winnings through cash department bookmaker in your area.
Best Domestic bookmaker – the best domestic bookmaker

Rules. Carefully read the rules, which are offered by the bookmaker. Make sure that you can bet on all the events as an express or system, and single bets. A few years ago, many bookmakers on certain events were allowed to put only express, for example, 3 or 4 events. Now because of the competition on the market almost all bookmakers bookmakers are already taking bets on the Ordinary of all events, but still do not forget to carefully read the rules. In addition, in some offices of the bank commission (electronic payment system) for winning translation paid by the client, and some bookmakers added another and a commission – why do you need it?